french restront

On tuseday mai 3 we will have a french restront in the gym. the people helping are bessy, robert, beth, spencer, chelsea, coleasa, dexter, billy, molly, terry, riven, laim, jonny,miceal, it will be cool we will be split up in to two diffrent groupes half waters and the other half costermers. we all hope that we will get lotes of food if not we can not do this we have to make a menu that we can work around and we will not be charging money. we all cant wait till next tuseday it will be fun till then we all have to work on it so talk to later. :3


What my freind orderd

last week my freind billy orderd somthing off my fake restront he orderd le salad cesar and to have for a disert he had chacolat moose  but it took a long time to find it under all of the other stuff but I got it it all coasted around $10.00 but he gave me a 10 thousand dallar tip it was really nice and he left the restront and he said he would come back with his kids and eat again.

Le restaurant

 Café international  

                 Le menu


  • La salad depinards…..$5,00
  • Le salad cesar ….$ 4,00
  • La salad maison …$4,00


Le commence


  • La soupe aux legume…$8,00
  • La soupe aux champingnons..$8,00


Le boisson


  • Un cofe ……………….$2,50
  • Une boisson gazeuse ….$2,50
  • Un jus orange…………$2,50
  • Un jus de tomate……….$2,50



Le plat principall


  • Le roti de porc…….$5,50
  • Le filet de sole…….$6,50
  • Le poulet roti……….$6,76
  • Les crevettes a lail….$7,50

Pierrot va a la peche

Pierrot is a french boy how loves fishing. one day he goes fishing with his freind annie. But annie geting all of the little fish and biger fish. All pierrot is geting is junk like a hippopotomas and the hippo eats all of pierrots worms. But at the bottem of the bucket but one. so him and annie do one more cast and they both get fish. they both went home happy.

Things that I would need to know to say in Paris.

These are the things I would need to know in Paris.

1. To ask for directions

2. Where is the bathroom

3. Where is the bullet train

4. Where is the hotel

5. Where is the marble shop and how much things cost.

6. Where is the Market

7. Where is the paintball gun shop

8. where is the Eiffel tower

9. How to ask where is the gas stash on

10. How to ask where is the candy shop

These are the things that i would need to now 🙂